Thursday, November 15, 2012

left over single women

This comment has me outraged at the moment.  Thought I'd share with all the other "left over single women"...  Have a glass of wine in hand before reading.

And this situation has me even more outraged - unbelievable.  Have a glass of scotch in hand before reading.

And I do NOT care which side of the abortion debate you come in on - When a women comes to the hospital because she is miscarrying - TREAT THE MOTHER!  This is a life that should never have been lost. 

I wonder whatever happened to "do no harm"?


  1. Unspeakable! I cannot even put into words!

  2. I read the first article about the leftover single ladies. Although sadly I did not have a glass of wine. It's so interesting when cultural differences come out like this. I think in China they have created a lot of issues for themselves with their 1 child policy. It's too bad they don't have better language to describe their issues and relate to Canadian culturally.

    It definitely makes some sense to me that the Chinese would want to tap women on the shoulder and try to get them to shift their focus to having children. It's also really unfair to those "leftover single women" to try and guide them down any path by making them feel obligated to have children (or to not have children)

    thanks for posting :D


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