Friday, April 9, 2010


Rhian and I have been spending lots of time seeing lots of extended family while we are here.  She has been wonderful and easily wins everyone over.

But my favourite comment so far was from my Great Aunt.  She is 81 now, and not getting around very well.  She has 12 (I think) children of her own, and 28 grandchildren and a bunch of great grandchildren.

She says to me:  "I heard you picked the dad out of a line-up".

Too funny. 

She added:  "Good for you"


  1. Oh man, that's good! I love it.

  2. Very funny! Glad Rhian is a great traveler!

  3. WIN! I love it, and am going to steal that line...

  4. Way funny!!! I think I might use that line someday....
    You can tell your Aunt is a progressive thinking kind of woman. Nice to get that kind of support.
    I enjoyed catching up with you on your blog.
    Congratulations with Rhian.

  5. I have gotten the BEST comments from that generation, too! Unexpected, but wonderful, full of the wisdom of a lifetime.


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